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Aug. 8, 2022

What to Look for in the Los Angeles Rams Preseason Opener, plus Training Camp News from UC Irvine; From LA Rams Up

What to Look for in the Los Angeles Rams Preseason Opener, plus Training Camp News from UC Irvine; From LA Rams Up

What to Look for in the Los Angeles Rams Preseason Opener, plus Training Camp News from UC Irvine

What to Look for in the Los Angeles Rams Preseason Opener, plus Training Camp News from UC Irvine


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Welcome to Rams up a Los Angeles Rams podcast. We are a proud member of the Pigskin podcast network. We cover other SoCal Sports News of interest, but we're mostly about your Los Angeles Rams. I'm your host, mark. Let's get to it. 

Welcome back Rams fan Season 2 episode 29 of Rams up here. Los Angeles Rams podcast. 

Hey, make sure you check out our YouTube channel. 

We posted a video last week predicting all of the starters for the Rams. 

First game, who's going to roll out for that first defensive snap? 

Who's going to roll out for the first offensive snap? 

Who's kicking off? 

Who's punting? 

Who's returning the ball? 

A little bit of fun we had with that, so check that out. Get to that YouTube channel by going to our website Rams up com, click on the YouTube link and you will be there this episode. 

Well, we're going to have another segment of who's pumped, who's piston, who's perplexed, looking at various fan bases around the league. 

We'll have a training camp update, some general Rams news, and then the need of this broad. 

Are fearsome 4 or I should say, are fearsome 10 things to watch in this RAM charger game. 

We offer our Rams fans viewing guide for the first preseason game and we also have a tidbit on mauling the media defending a certain Rams player that was mauled a little bit by a certain YouTube get through some general. 

Rams note stick for meal inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

Speech was a little bit long, maybe too many thank yous, but I enjoyed the blast from the past calling out Roman Gabriel, Tommy Prothro, Tom Mack, Chuck Knox, even John Wooden. 

So I like that aspect of it. 

There is a decent speech. 

Welcome to the Hall of Fame. 

**** Vermeil hard to dislike that guy. 

Nate Davis of USA TODAY had his power rankings and who's on top the Rams number one? 

Haven't seen that much everywhere else I've seen. 

It's pretty much the Buffalo Bill, so Nate Davis thrown some love at the Rams. 

And did you hear Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs ranking as top five wide receivers? 

Leaving out Cooper Kupp including at #5 CD Lamb. 

So that may add a little twist to that Ram cowboy game. 

Trevon Diggs I get it you want to celebrate one of your young teammates, but leaving Cooper Kupp off your list, whatever, doesn't really matter. 

It doesn't amount to much, but a little curious nonetheless. 

You know my special assistant pointed this out to me and it's so drew over the last 8 plus years. 

The Rams have made. 

4 personnel moves and two organizational moves. 

Boots that have all worked out so well and if they had hit on just two or three of these, they'd be sitting pretty and they hit on all six. 

First was drafting AD, second was moving to Los Angeles. Third was hiring Sean McVay, 4th was drafting Cooper Kupp. 

And in the. 

Last two, trading for Jalen Ramsey trading for Matthew Stafford. All 6A plus organizational and personnel moves. 

The Rams they have been on a roll, some training camp notes. 

Now remember we have a preview of that RAM charger game coming up later in this episode, but. 

It's all about Stafford. 

's elbow, I guess I'm kind of getting tired of hearing about it and one day I'm really concerned. 

And then the next day, Rams cut in, writing it off, including Stafford. 

No story here basically, but. 

Still a little worried about it and maybe I'm focusing on it too much in this podcast, and probably the next one too, because we're not going to know for sure. 

Rants are pretty tight about a lot of that information, but. 

I think overall if I were to step back and give an unbiased assessment of this situation, he's probably going to be working through a little bit of pain all year long, but he'll be fine and I don't think we have to really be concerned in the long term about Matthew Stafford's availability or his ability to make all the throws he needs to make. 

Jacob Harris added to The Walking wound at lest he joins Van Jefferson out for a couple weeks, at least with a groin injury. 

The Rams released how mark away that I'd end and signed wide receiver Austin Trammell. 

And as I noted in my RAM charger preseason preview, Trammell might be on board for kick return duties in the preseason, but returning as well. 

We'll see, does he have a chance to make the roster? 

Well, if Jacob Harrison van Jefferson are still struggling. 

With their injuries, maybe so still call him a long shot. 

Though 22. 

At well has been stepping out on the practice field. 

That's a good sign off for connecting with him on some deep balls. 

And hey, you know I probably am guilty of dismissing Trell Burgess, really just forgetting about him. 

There's so much talent on this roster that's easy to do in my defense, but I'll talk about him a little bit more in our RAM. 

Charger Preview not sure where he fits in this secondary as far as the pecking order that maybe this preseason. 

Game will tell us something. 

NFL notes. 

Did you hear Sampson Imacon calling out the Rams in a roundabout way, saying he's so happy to be with the Niners he wished he had been drafted by the night. 

He would have been used strictly off the edge as a guy getting around the corner and getting to the quarterback. 

Kind of lamenting the fact that he's stuck on 4 1/2 sacks a year, and if he had been put in the right situation, he'd be beyond that by now. Whatever Sampson kind of taken a subtle shot at the Rams there whatever, and Micah Kiser of Xram. 

Now with the Raiders out for the year with a knee injury, that's a bummer. 

I always liked Micah. 

I always said he was playing in the wrong era. 

Would have been a great middle linebacker back in the day, perhaps now before we get to our other segments. I want to take a brief aside here and defend our own Ben's chronik in a second. 

Second, all right, I'm going to multimedia here for a second and I'm actually going to mall a guy. 

I am a big fan of actually and that's Jackson Kruger, Jackson, Kruger sports. 

He's got a really slick YouTube channel. 

Provide some really good analysis. 

On the NFL, NFL teams and players like a style very lowkey, good stuff. 

One of the things Jackson likes to do on a regular basis is break. 

Position groups into tiers. 

Defensive line wide receivers, running backs and so on for each team, and he recently did that for the wide receivers. 

I'm not sure where the Rams wide receivers even ended up. 

That's not the point of this. 

But he really went off on Ben's chronik. 

And I think I'm quoting here Ben Skowronek, the worst player in the NFL. Now. Like I say, I love Jackson, love Jackson YouTube channel. Watch it on a regular basis. 

But I had an issue with that. 

The problem with Skowronek is two or three plays really jump out at us. 

He had some really bad moments, no doubt about it, but let's step back and assess Ben Skowronek as an NFL player. 

Now our expectations should be a little bit low for him, right? He's a rookie that made the NFL roster of a team that would eventually win the Super Bowl. A seventh round pick, 249th over. 

Overall, he finishes the year with 11 receptions for 133 yards. 

And he had 200 special teams snaps. Sometimes overlooked. He's a big boy for a wide receiver. 63224 or something like that. 

And he can lay the wood on people. 

We saw that a few times love having a guy like that on my team. 

And in Jackson Kruger's defense, you know, I told my special assistant about Kruger comments about scarra, Nick, and he kind of joined me in the fact that, hey, back off seventh round draft pick, give me a break. And then he texted me a little while later. But you know, there was a couple of times I wanted to strangle. 

So I get it, you know he had some bad moments. 

I really remember him for three plays from last year. 

Two of them you all remember one was that pass from Stafford late in the first half of the NFC Championship game in the end zone, he had to adjust slightly. 

He was looking for the ball over his right shoulder. 

It was thrown over the top. 

Should have been able to adjust and catch that ball, but he didn't. 

Everyone calling it a drop and I get it went off his hands. 

Cooper Kupp probably would have caught that obj probably would have caught it then the rookie seventh round draft pick. 

You'd hope he could catch it too, but he did not. 

And then in the Super Bowl he bobbled that pass. 

Now that was a clear drop. 

Should have had it quick pass from Stafford. 

Probably came in a little bit hot. 

Nonetheless, should have caught it, went off his hands, led to an interception and a Bengal field goal. 

Those are definitely the two plays, Kruger noted and has branded into his mind. 

As far as his assessment of Ben Skowronek, there's another play that was the block. 

I don't know if it was a punt return or a kick return against the Niners in that same NFC Championship game. 

Laid the wood on somebody. 

It was an illegal hit. 

It did not get called and he was actually fined for that. 

That could have been a really bad play for the Rams, but they did not call it. But as far as those drops, I go back to 2017. 

There is a game against Seattle, had a touchdown pass thrown to a rookie wide receiver in the end zone and it was a flat out drop. 

I still remember it very painful play. 

Ended up losing the game. 

The Seahawks should have won it. 

Drop pass in the end zone had a lot to do with it working wide receivers, dropping passes. 

You know who that was. 

A guy named Cooper Kupp. 

Kinda hated on him for a couple of days after that and look where he is now so. 

Jackson Kruger Great YouTube channel. 

Really good stuff. 

I think his hate on Ben Skowronek. 

It's a little. 

Over the top and Speaking of players that Ram fans like to dislike saw an interesting stat in the most passing yards since 2018. I'm going to give you the top ten here, but I'm going to leave #6 out and see if you can get. 

Yes, one Mahomes 2 Brady 3 Ryan 4 Derek Carr 5 Aaron Rodgers 7 Kirk Cousins 8 Matthew Stafford 9 DAC Prescott and 10 Russell Wilson. 

This number 6 I'm sure you know, guessed by now. 

Jared Goff. 

I know it's not necessarily a significant stat, doesn't necessarily reflect if you're a good or a great or elite quarterback, but I still say and I will continue to say, Jared Goff gets more hate than he deserves, especially from RAM fans. 

Don't appreciate what he did accomplish with the Rams. 

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Second, this will be our last drop before the 1st preseason game against the Chargers. 

May have a drop on our YouTube channel between now and then. 

No, but I wanted to list the 1st and 4th things we should be looking at during this game. 

I wanted to provide you with, let's call it a Rams fans viewing guide for the preseason opener. Rams versus chargers Saturday night and I was kind of limited to four and I could not do it. I ended up with 1010 things that as RAM fans we might want to be focusing on. 

On Saturday night my fearsome 10 things to look for in the preseason opener. 

Number one is the cornerback situation. 

Now this is where it gets a little tough, because the Rams famously do not play starters in the preseason for the most part, and we know Jalen Ramsey was not going to play. 

Regardless, still recovering from that minor in. 

But what does that mean for Robert Roschelle, Troy Hill, and David Long? 

Now they may have already all secured their role. 

In this defense, probably not entirely. 

There's going to be some battles in training camp, but not necessarily on the field. 

But someone got to play, right? 

I mean, we know. 

Do Kobe Durant and Derion Kendrick are going to play a lot TJ Hall and Grant Haley are going to play a lot, and Haley and Hall are really battling for a roster spot period. 

They both have a shot at making this. 

Roschelle Hill and long are the interesting ones. 

What does it? 

Mean if they play, does that mean? 

They just need bodies out there. 

Someone gotta play. 

Does that mean the starting cornerback spot opposite Ramsey is still under competition, which it probably likely is? 

But I don't know, we just need to watch the cornerbacks in this game. 

I'm especially excited to see Durant and Kendrick play, period, regardless of what the role is going to be. 

But we'll see if we get some clues what the Rams are thinking for those #2 and three cornerback spots. 

How they use Roschelle Hill and long or how they do not use them at perhaps at all in this first preseason game. 

But if nothing else, let's watch Durant and Kendrick. 

I have a feeling we're going to be very pleased. 

With how they perform. 

The second thing we want to be paying attention to is that safety group and it's a very similar situation that we talked about with the cornerbacks. 

What does it mean if guys don't play? 

What does it mean if guys play Jordan Fuller, Taylor Rapp, Nick Scott? 

I suspect they're off the table for this game. 

Drill Burgess will probably get on the field a little bit. 

Perhaps if he doesn't. 

That's actually a good sign for Burgess and what his role might be. 

I don't think we're going to know who the starters are watching these preseason games. 

So who are we going to see out there? Well, we're going to see Rusty EA seventh round draft pick trying to make this team two undrafted rookies Dandyism and Jerry and McVay. I've heard good things. 

About isome, he has a shot I think at making this team but. 

Want to see yeast in these two undrafted rookies play and keep an eye out for these other guys. 

Again, don't expect Fuller rapper Scott to play at all. 

What's going on with Jarell Burgess if Burgess is out there that indicates he's trying to carve out his role in this defense still. 

The third thing I want to. 

Look at is who's. 

Playing inside linebacker now we know Ernest Jones and Bobby Wagner aren't setting foot on that field and we know Trevan Howard is still out of. 

Action they got Jake Hammel, the undrafted rookie, and they have Christian rozeboom and you know they have Jake. 

Curvy is listed as a linebacker now. 

So I'll be keeping a close eye on that now. 

This isn't a real critical issue, I think Ernest Jones and Bobby Wagner are going to play a lot of snaps this year, but who's plan behind them? 

It's someone going to step up. 

And prove that in an emergency situation they can carry the load at one. 

Of those spots, roseboom. 

Jake Hummel 

And Jake, gervase. 

That's about it. 

So we will probably be seeing a lot of them Saturday night. 

The fourth thing I'll be looking at. 

It's really a player. 

I'll be looking at is Cameron Dicker. 

Now he's in a competition for the punting job, so obviously we want to see what he's got, what he brings to the table in that regard, but I will not be surprised if Cameron Dicker kicks off, and I would not be surprised if the opportunity. 

That Cameron Dicker would try a long field goal. 

Or maybe he'll try several field goals. 

I think they're going to give him a look in the field goal department in kickoff department as well. 

Now, I don't think he's a threat. 

To Matt gay. 

But I think it could sway the Rams in a specific direction in Dickers favor if he punts well and shows something in the kicking game. 

So keep an eye on that. 

It'll be interesting to see how they use ticker in a meaningless preseason game. 

The fifth thing I'm really interested in well. 

We are all. 

Very interested in this and that is the right guard position. 

Are Coleman Shelton and Logan brass gonna battle it out in training camp and not in preseason games? 

That could be the case. 

Or we could see them both play Saturday night. 

Maybe we'll know before then. 

Maybe Mcbay will share his thoughts on that before Saturday night, but I'm hoping we see some Logan brass and some Coleman Shelton, but especially brass now. 

Some have said if breast doesn't play, that means he's won the starting job. 

I don't necessarily believe that. 

If brass and Shelton, if neither of them play. 

I well, they both can't have won the starting job already, so I don't know we're going to learn something about the right guard position by who plays and who doesn't, and and how they play. 

If they do get on the field. 

The sixth thing I want to see going to get right to the point here, I want to see John Wolford and or Bryce Perkins take command of this offense. 

Whether it's a second or third string, whatever it is, take command of this offense. 

Drive down the field for a couple of touchdowns. Luis Perez could also play, I suppose, but these guys gotta step up make me feel a lot better about this situation at quarterback, especially with some doubt in the air about Stafford's availability. I don't want to make too much of it. 

Because I'm probably overreacting. Stafford's going to be there for game one, but this horrible pain really has me bothered and I need both of these guys to play. 

Like they have the potential to lead the Rams to the playoffs. 

If they had to. 

That may be asking too much in one preseason game, but need to start seeing it sooner rather than later. #7 interested in our backup running back situation. 

We won't be seeing Cam Akers or Darrell Henderson. 

I would think we'll see Jake Fonck. 

We'll definitely see AJ Rose Raymond Kellis. 

And the new guy on the block, Trey Ragus. 

Again, not something I'm extremely worried about. 

That's something I'm really interested in. 

The number three spot in the Rams running back rotation. 

Kind of up for grabs. 

Kyren Williams would have been the guy I think. 

Or maybe Jake Fonck Williams on that PUP list. 

So who steps up? 

This is an opportunity for one of these guys, the anything. 

We should all be looking at on Saturday night. 

Is the defensive line. 

That's probably the one thing that concerns me the most. 

Bobby Brown, the third will not be available early in the season due to the suspend. 

Jenn Sebastian Joseph Day has moved on. 

We got a Shawn Robinson, Aaron Donald, and Greg Gaines. 

They're not going to see the field. 

Saturday night, Marquis Copeland, I think would play Michael Hoyt, would play and then who else? 

Well I'm interested to see if Elijah Garcia can be a contributor in this rotation. 

Earnest brown IV. 

Is he going to finally emerge as a contributor on this defensive line? 

And then there's Elijah Garcia. 

He's a big boy that could take up snaps in the middle of that rotation. 

It would be such a big deal in my mind if Elijah Garcia proves that he can play at the NFL level. 

Rams need some help there, in my opinion. 

Needs some guys that have the ability to take 5 or 10 snaps a game. 

And rotate it in. 

If someone gets dinged up a little bit. 

Especially interested to see if Ernest Brown the 4th and Elijah Garcia can show us anything on Saturday night. 

Now, one of the things I'm most excited about is #9 on my list of things to watch for a Saturday night is seeing our two young edge rushers, Chris Garrett and Daniel Hardy. 

Now we lost Von Miller been hearing that ad nauseam for a few months now. 

We still have Leonard Floyd. 

Justin Hollins trout Lewis Chris Garrett showed very well last year in the preseason, and I suspect the Rams have high hopes for him this year and now they draft Daniel Hardy. 

I think this may be a case of Daniel Hardy being in the same situation. 

Chris Garrett was last year. 

Get him into camp. 

Start developing his skills. 

Expand his tool set, confirm that he can play. 

At the NFL. 

Level, give him some chances to shine in the preseason and. 

Worst case scenario, he's a contributor next year, but the bottom line is we're going to see a lot of both these guys Saturday night, I expect, and we're hoping to see an updated version of Chris Garrett where he can actually contribute during the regular season. 

And Daniel Hardy. 

Hey, who knows? 

Really excited to see both these guys though Hardy an incredible athlete. 

Chris Garrett showed great and last year preseason Rams obviously think a lot of him. 

Wanna see them get it? 

Go on Saturday night. 

And I have a feeling they're going to play very well. 

And #10 the last thing we might want to check out during this game. 

Is going to be the return game? 

I'm wondering if they're even gonna let Brandon Powell return kicks in this game. 

Maybe they will. 

But I'm guessing Austin Trammell will get some shots. 

He was a honorable mention kick returner at Rice, his last year there the abbreviated season due to COVID. 

This is for Conference USA. 

He was first team wide receiver but honorable mention returner. 

So that may. 

Be why the Rams brought him in. 

Maybe they don't want to expose Brandon Powell. They're certainly not going to expose 2/2 at well in a preseason game, right? Returning punts or kicks. 

Not sure if they do that with Brandon. 

Powell, so interesting to see. 

Who does return kicks in this first game? 

It's kind of up in the air for the opener, right? 

And maybe maybe they just want Trammell. 

To take these duties. 

During the preseason, perhaps, or someone else will have. 

To see another thing all be looked at. 

OK Rams fans going to bring back one of my more popular segments, who's pumped? 

Who's pyst and who's perplexed? 

Looking at all the fan bases across the NFL. 

Which ones are feeling it and which ones are not so much? 

Now a little warning here. 

This is as California podcast as it can get. 

I'm recording above the ocean sand as we speak, so I apologize. 

Well, actually I'm not going to apologize for any beach noises that filter through on this podcast on this segment. 

I'm not even going to try to filter them out. 

So what fanbases are pumped? 

Let's start with that. 

Well, our divisional rivals, a couple of them are feeling. 

The Seattle Seahawks fanbase has to be pumped getting that DK Metcalf contract solved once and for all, and same can be said for the 49ers. Deebo, Samuel signed and under contract for them, so that's a big step forward for both of those franchises. Getting key players under contract. 

And in some ongoing drama there so those fan bases have to be pumped, and I've got three more fan bases that are pumped, all related to the performance of first round draft picks. 

The Jaguars took a lot of heat for drafting Trevon Walker, the outside linebacker edge guy. 

Hey Jags took him way too early. 

What are they doing? 

And in his first preseason game he comes up. 

With a sack. 

I know it's not really that big a deal. 

A preseason game, a sack by a rookie, but still they have to be a little pumped feeling a little bit better about that draft pick. 

In an air giants. 

Selected Kayvon Imido and he was a guy. 

That experts were all. 

Over the map on him he should be the first pick in the draft. 

He's not even a first rounder. 

A lot of concerns about his energy, his dedication to the game, and then other people saying you know what? 

He's one. 

He's the most talented guy in the draft. 

So pick him the giant selected. 

End reports out of camp is he is lighten it up. 

Another edge guy. 

I think the Giants hit on Thibodeau looks like he's going to be a very good player. 

I know again it's early in camp. 

How much can we deduce from a few weeks of training camp? 

I think Giants fans are pumped nonetheless. 

In Atlanta, Falcon fans have to be pumped about Drake, London so far, kind of along the lines of thibedeau assessments of London were all over the place. 

It's a little early, but Falcons are thrilled with him, so Falcon fans have to be pumped, right? 

And whose pest you know. 

The Arizona Cardinals fan base has to be ****** 

That this contract thing with the film study requirement in there and then. 

It gets pulled. 

A lot of. 

Quarterbacks really critical of Cardinals for even putting it in there, but then the concern remains. 

If you're a cardinal fan, what does this mean for? 

Our franchise quarterback? 

How does the front office of our team feel about our quarterback that they had to put this in the contract in the 1st place so they can't be really happy with the way this is headed? 

It's behind them and they can hope that Murray just steps up and does the film study that they originally had in the contract. 

But if he doesn't, someone did some research online and determined that Kyler Murray stats declined immediately after the release of the new version of Call of Duty, so that's not a good thing. 

The data is there apparently, so we'll have to keep an eye on that. 

And maybe maybe we can talk to those Call of Duty guys and say hey, could you release it in a few days before the Rams game? 

Few days for the Rams, Cardinals game? 

We'd much appreciate. 

Another fan base that's Pyst is the Miami Dolphins fan base. 

Losing that first and third round draft pick kind of harsh maybe sounds a little harsh but. 

Their owner was a little bit out of control there. 

That's gotta hurt. 

Miami Dolphins losing their first and third round pick. 

I'd be ****** 

Of course, if that was the Rams losing those two picks, that would just mean they'd lose the opportunity to trade for a very good established player. 

And who's perplexed? Well, Tampa Bay's got to be perplexed with us. Ryan Jensen injury. Their fan base has to be a little bit worried. A 45 year old quarterback is that how old he is now. 

Playing behind an offensive line that's still very good, but loses perhaps their most important player as far as. 

Brady is concerned. 

He's pretty good at avoiding edge rushers, but pressure up the middle is what usually gets to him and they lose. 

Ryan Jensen and Cleveland Brown fans have to be perplexed. 

At first I was going to put them. 

In the pumped. 

Category I thought this was behind A6 game suspension. 

Browns could live with that, and the Browns could potentially make a playoff run if they got Deshaun Watson in week seven, but now that's all up in the arrogant appeals and lawsuits and what have you? 

I don't really understand the full complexity. 

Love it but. 

Bottom line is Sean Watson availability is still up in the air, and you know, I think some ladies that follow the Cleveland Browns may still be a little ****** that they have Sean Watson in the first place. 

I know a couple that feel that way, so I don't want to dismiss that entirely and just talk it talk about it. 

Strictly from my football sense, a lot of lady fans have to be upset and the NFL has lots of female fans, and I suppose a lot of male fans not happy with the Browns for that same reason. 

And you know who else is perplexed? 

What fanbase is perplexed? 

Well, I'm perplexed. 

Every team in the NFC West getting mentioned here and now, it's Ram's turn. 

The injury to Jefferson yeah, a little bit concerning. 

He'll be back, though it doesn't seem to be significant, but the Stafford thing with the elbow. 

Gotta be a little perplexed. 

A little concern. 

I'm certainly perplexed. 

You know, in McVay, communicating about it, sometimes you know this is an abnormal injury for a quarterback that doesn't give me a warm fuzzy. 

But he does refer to the medical experts as saying they are just taking the right course of action to make sure he's ready to go, but. 

Not gonna deny it. 

I'm perplexed regarding this Matthew Stafford situation and can John Wolford be the guy with Stafford? 

Kant, though at some point. 

I hope I'm entirely wrong in that I hope my perplexity is. 

We're going to find out soon enough. 

That's going to do it for this episode. Remember you can reach us at Rams up podcast@gmail.com. 

You can visit our website at ramsup.com. You'll find links to all of our episodes and a link to our YouTube channel. 

And you can also leave this on voicemail from our website. 

Don't forget to subscribe and give us a 5 star rating. 

It's really appreciated. 

And remember, keep the horns up, stay safe and have fun out there. 

Music courtesy of bensound.com and the YouTube royalty free Music audio library. Crimson fly. 

By Hama Hama.