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Aug. 22, 2022

Our Final Take on the Los Angeles Rams 53 man roster; and our LA Rams Fantasy Football advice; From LA Rams Up

Our Final Take on the Los Angeles Rams 53 man roster; and our LA Rams Fantasy Football advice; From LA Rams Up

Our Final Take on the Los Angeles Rams 53 man roster; and our LA Rams Fantasy Football advice

Our Final Take on the Los Angeles Rams 53 man roster; and our LA Rams Fantasy Football advice


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Welcome to Rams up, a Los Angeles Rams podcast. We are a proud member of the Pigskin podcast network. We cover other SoCal Sports News of interest, but we're mostly about your Los Angeles Rams. I'm your host, mark, let's get to it. 

Second, welcome back Rams fans. Season 2, episode 32 of LA Rams up. 

Losing track of these episodes between our drops on YouTube, these preseason games getting played on odd days. But anyways, pretty darn sure this is episode 32. 

We had a video drop in our YouTube channel late Friday night. 

We had a podcast drop Saturday morning coming back at you now with our regularly scheduled. 

Podcast drop Monday morning here on the West Coast. 

The focus here today, the 53 man roster, I'm going to give you my take on what it's going to look like. 

Also, I'm going to give you some fantasy football insight with respect to the Rams. 

Note that I did not say expert fantasy insight, just some insight. 

Some bad news coming out of Ram camp that injury to breast was pretty serious. 

He's out for the year with ACL and MCL injuries. 

That's tough news. 

I don't think it's necessarily going to affect the Rams directly this year. 

I mean, obviously we're losing some depth. 

He was not going to start, but breast loses a year of development, so that's really sad, but also we can hopefully he gets healthy and is ready to go next year. 

Daniel Hardy, injured, is going to have to undergo a procedure. 

And it's ankle. 

I suspect that means he'll be back at some point early in the season. 

Who knows when too early to say it'll be at least four weeks if he goes on IR. 

And Rams cut five players already. 

They were quick on the draw this time. 

Kendall Blanton was probably the biggest surprise. 

He was quickly picked up by the Washington commanders. 

I think the Rams included him in the early cuts, doing him a solid, giving him a chance to get picked up by someone, and Blanton was a playoff hero. 

And now he's released. 

Raymond Kelly also released Jerry on McVay, AJ Rose, JJ Koski, Koski waived injured. 

Rose is one of the guys I liked. 

But as I said, I don't think he had a real shot at making this roster, but he looks like a very competent NFL back in my opinion, especially around the goal line. 

It's a little early for me to tell you what I'm going to be looking at in that Bengal game. 

I have some ideas already. 

Be excited to see Kyren Williams play. 

Coming up here shortly, I'm going to give you my 53 man roster take, and a fallout from that will be some things that we'll need to see in that bangle game that will affect the decisions I've kind of already made about the 50 man roster. 

There are some guys that will obviously need to focus on those safeties. 

A fourth inside linebacker with Howard injured. 

Is Jonah Williams going to make the team? 

These types of questions. 

But I'm going to save that for our midweek YouTube drop, so please look for that on our YouTube channel and make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any drops. 

But we're going to be back in a minute for my take on the 53 man roster and at Fantasy Football insight. 

As promised, I'm going to present to you my 53 man roster for the Los Angeles Rams lesson. Sean, if you're listening, did all the work for you here, saving you some time. And before I get started, a shout out to Tom Cortes, a regular guest on this podcast. 

Rams beat on Twitter, had a long chat with him on Saturday about the nuances of roster construction, how the PUP list and injured reserve list works, activating players from those lists and from the practice squad. 

Now this isn't Toms 53 man roster, it is mine. But Full disclosure, he did a sanity check. 

For me, as we walked through this and had some really solid inputs on how this 53 man roster may shape up, so to make this less complicated, we'll go through some. 

Assumptions here somebody are known facts somewhere assumptions. We're putting Logan bruss on IR for the year. Daniel Hardy on short term IR will eventually bring him back, but he's not counting against the 53 either. R Travian Howard in Quentin Lake. 

Both those guys. 

Will come back eventually and Bobby Brown also not on this list. We'll likely see him in week seven, so keep that in mind when these guys come back. Hardy, Howard, Lake and Brown other guys will be moving off this 53 man roster. So. 

The work's never really completely done. 

As far as that goes, that's just the way of the NFL. 

So what I'm going. 

To do here is I'm going to present to you 49 guys that I feel extremely confident about. 

We're going to pencil these guys in on the roster, then we're going to come back at the end and address those final four spots. 

And that's where it gets really dicey, some really tough decisions to make. 

So let's start with the secondary. 

I got 6 cornerbacks making this team. 

Troy Hill, Derion Kendrick, Kobe Durant, David Wong, Janeann Ramsey and Robert Rocha. 

Well, now I'm only going with three safeties at this point. Jordan Fuller, Taylor Rapid, Nick Scott. We're going to come back to that in a minute, though. Work's not done as far as the secondary goes, that's for sure. 

And that's where we have one of our toughest decisions to make defensive line Aaron Donald, Marquis Copeland, Greg Gaines, Michael Hoyt and Jean Robinson. 

There might be a sixth guy penciled in here at the end. 

We'll come back to that with Daniel Hardy out for now 4 edge rushers. 

Leonard Floyd, Chris Garrett, Justin Hollins and Terrell Lewis. 

And three inside linebackers. 

Ernest Jones, Christian Rozeboom, Bobby Wagner and we have a decision to make in that regard later on as well. 

Offensive line. 

Eight guys to begin with, Brian Allen, David Edwards, Coleman Shelton, Eleric Jackson, Tremaine Ankrom, AJR Curry makes U.S. 

team, Rob Havenstein and Joseph Noteboom. 

Again, we'll come back to the offensive line at the end. 

We have the three quarterbacks, Bryce Perkins, Matthew Stafford and John Wolford, and the four running backs, Cam Akers, Jake Funk, Darrell Henderson and Kyren Williams. 

Just two tight ends, Tyler Higbee in Bryson Hopkins. 

But when you think about this wide receiver group, I wouldn't fret too much about having only two tight ends. 

And a bunch of wide receivers. 

Jacob Harris, two Atwell, Cooper Kupp, Lance McCutcheon, Brandon Powell. 

Really a kick returner? 

Allen Robinson and Ben Skowronek and Van Jefferson. He'll be on this 53 man roster regardless of his availability. Week one. So remember I included. 

Now, they're not sure if that's appropriate. 

He's going to be the returned guy, and that's about it, as good as this wide receiver group is. 

And then three special teams guys in addition to Brandon Powell, you got orzech the long snapper, Rally, Dickson the punter and Matt Gay the kicker. 

So I should. 

Mentioned some of the guys that are not going to come up in this final discussion about these final four roster spots. 

Roger Carter Junior not going to be on this roster, Chandler. 

Or as well, he will be cut. 

Austin Trammell, one of my favorite guys from preseason, he will be cut. 

Elijah Garcia will also be cut duranleau. 

Tyler Hall, Grant Haley, care Thomas. 

A lot of good players here. 

Ernest Brown IV will not make this team. 

Anthony, hi. 

TJ Carter, both TJ Carter's actually, and a handful of other guys. Most of these guys actually will end up on the practice squad unless they get picked up. 

Who might get picked up? 

I think Austin Trammell might get picked up in Tyler Hall as well, and maybe one of these linebackers here, Thomas would be a good candidate for that. 

So who's left over? 

Who is competing for these final four roster spots? 

We'll be back in a second to talk about that. 

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Second, OK, so I've listed the 49 guys that I am saying are going to make this 53 man roster and I give you a. 

Bunch of names. 

Guys that are not and what about all the guys I didn't mention? 

And this is where it gets interesting. 

I've got eight guys left. 

To fill those four spots and those eight guys are safety Tyrell Burgess, safety Russ Yeast, safety Dan Izum. 

Defensive lineman Jonah Williams. 

Inside linebacker, sometimes safety Jake Gervase. 

Inside linebacker Jake Hummel and offensive lineman Jeremiah Kolone and Bobby Evans. 

What do we do with these guys? 

I'm gonna take care of one guy right away, and I'm telling you, Jonah Williams is going to make this team. 

They need that six defensive lineman now. 

When Bobby Brown comes back from suspension, the Rams are going to have another decision to make, assuming everybody is still healthy. 

But for now, Jonah Williams makes this 53 man roster. So now we're up to 50 and we have seven guys left. 

So let's look at those offensive lineman Jeremy Colony and Bobby Evans. And yes, I'm pronouncing Jeremy's last name hopefully correctly now, hopefully getting that right. 

He's out of Fallbrook High School, by the way, in northern San Diego County. 

I think he makes the team. 

Bobby Evans. 

I think we've seen enough of him. 

We've seen enough to know he's not the guy now. 

He still has one more chance I'm sure these guys will both play against. 

The Bengals so. 

Unless Bobby just has a monster game, I think it's Jeremiah that makes this team now inside linebacker, similar to the defensive line situation. 

I think we need to keep one more guy, and that guy may only be on this roster temporarily until travian Howard comes on board. But one thing in Jake's favor here. 

Is he can slide back to safety in an emergency in Jake Hummel? 

I I think he's an old school inside linebacker, kind of like Troy Reeder. 

We really saw him struggle in space in that Texan game. 

So I'm going to go Jake on this one. 

Jake makes the team. 

He's the 4th inside linebacker and as a luxury he can play safety as well. 

So we've added Jeremiah Kolone. 

Jake gervase. 

And Jonah Williams, we have one spot left open, but we have 3 safeties there, Trout Burgess, Rest East and Dan Izum. 

And you know what? 

This is the one decision that I really struggle with. 

Said I'm going to go with 12 Burgess. 

I think he showed enough last week. 

He kind of stepped up. 

Played like they have been waiting for him to play for a while now, I think since his rookie season before. 

He got hurt. 

Granted, it was the preseason, but, and this is something Tom Courts impressed upon me. 

When the Rams make these decisions, sometimes it's which guy will make it to the practice squad and which guy won't Trell Burgess will likely get picked up by another team if he's cut. 

Same could be true of the other two guys, but draw Burgess for sure. 

So I think they keep Burgess and hopefully can sneak Eastin izum onto the practice squad. 

Now, with all that said and done, how confident do I feel about this? 

Not very. 

These last few guys especially feel pretty good about Jonah Williams. 

Feel pretty good about Jeremiah Kolone. 

The safeties in the inside linebacker, not so much. 

You could mix and match these guys. 

Would they potentially carry just three inside linebackers? 

Yeah, I could see that. 

Could they maybe release one of the wide receivers? 

Or even? 

Dare I say, one of the quarterbacks to make room for an extra player here? 

Probably not going to happen. 

I think I'm getting pretty close here to what the 53 man roster is. 

Going to look. 

Like, but there's always a surprise. 

We'll just have to wait another week to find out. 

It's that time of year again. Time to provide you with my insights into Fantasy Football 2022. 

We did the focus on Los Angeles Rams players as a RAM fan. 

I tried to grab at least one Los Angeles RAM player every draft. 

Maybe not a sound strategy drafting with your heart. 

Nonetheless, trying to give you my insight into where these guys are going to go where Cup, Akers, Robertson, Stafford and a couple other guys are going to go in. 

The draft and where you. 

Should be picking them where you should be considering picking them and I'm telling you, pay attention here. 

I am the defending champion of my Fantasy Football League. 

My strategy was brilliant for 20 years. 

I laid low last year in and year out. 

Got in the playoffs a few times, sure, but never pulled it off. And then as the Commissioner, I raised the buy in from 25 to $50.00 and smoked everybody. 

I love it when a plan comes together. 

Think about the math there before you get too excited on my behalf. 

But here we go. 

Cooper cup. 

So for reference, let's say this is a 12 team draft, standard rules, 2 wide receivers, 2 running backs, quarterback Flex, player defense, all that sort of stuff. 

Let's start with Cooper Kupp. 

Where is he going to go well? 

He's probably going to go. 

In that 567 range in most drafts, and. 

I wouldn't take him in the top five if you're a Rams fan. 

I think that's a little high, but back into the first round? Absolutely. That would be the ideal place for Cupp if he's still there if you're drafting 789. 

Go ahead and grab him and then come back and get a running back right away, someone like Nick Chubb or Alvin Kamara. 

But early in that first round, 456 pick, if you're picking him, you may regret it because on the back end, some of those better running backs aren't. Maybe all of the top tier running backs are going to be gone, so. 

Ideal Spot cop late in the first round. 

That's my advice now, Cam Akers. 

I see him around the running back 18 spot, maybe Top 40 overall. 

Now I'm not sold on him as a late third round pick, but the alternatives are running back aren't really that attractive either. 

You know, in that group with Akers, David Montgomery, AJ Dillon, and you pass on a running back like acres and you might regret it. 

Now, if you already have your 2 running backs, obviously there's going to be a handful of really attractive receivers at that spot. 

So I wouldn't pick Akers as your third running back. 

Dive into those wide receivers and you'll be fine. 

And why am I a little standoffish on acre as well? 

You know he is coming back from that injury? 

His stats were not that impressive late last year. 

You know, in the back of my mind, some questions about the Rams offensive line. 

Are they going to be able to pound the rock? 

With anchors. 

Don't know. I'm certainly hoping they do. That's going to be critical to the Rams success this year. I'm not betting against the Rams. I'm just not convinced acres is going to be the 2020 version quite yet. 

Now Allen Robinson, you know he's in that wide receiver 20 to 25 area. 

Not in the top 50 overall, probably in that 50 to 60 range, and I think most drafts and rankings have him pegged pretty good. 

Late 4th, early 5th, and that's where I would take him. If you're drafting late in the 5th, I think he'd be an excellent #2 wide receiver. 

Or yourself. 

And I might even go a little higher on him, take him a little earlier than that. 

That's one guy that I think will get under drafted. 

I'm really excited about Allen Robinson prospects in this offense, especially in the redzone, so Robinson is one guy I might take a little earlier than the rankings would suggest. 

If you really want to RAM and he's on your board and you need a number 2 wide receiver. 

Go ahead and grab. 

Grab him around early even. 

And another guy I might take earlier than the experts are saying is Matthew Stafford. 

I'm seeing him going as late as the 10th round, even eleventh round. 

I saw one guy take him as his number one quarterback at that spot. 

I think that's kind of the steal. 

I think Stafford and his second year in this offense is really going to do well. 

His numbers last year weren't too shabby. 

I think they might even be better this year. 

Now there's a concern about that wide receiver room early in the year. 

Van Jefferson still dinged up, and no obj. 

Hopefully he'll come around later, but consider that you have staff. 

Second year in this offense without those guys, and then they had obj later in the air, you could be sitting pretty. 

So I would take Stafford as early as the eighth round as my #1 quarterback if I wanted a RAM and I need a quarterback. 

I'd jump on that. 

Now the other guys, I'm not going to talk about Higbee, Henderson, Gay and the Rams defense. 

They're all going to get drafted. 

Take your shot wherever. 

I mean, gay would be an excellent guy to grab. 

The problem with the kickers. 

There's always a run on them and you're thinking to yourself, I'm just going to grab gay as my kicker. 

Here and Nixon, you know, six straight kickers go off the board and you're left with no ramps on your roster. 

Igbe and Henderson would be decent backups at their positions. 

He could grab them very late. 

So that would be another route you want to RAM in your roster. 

Grab Higbee extremely late in your draft and Henderson is not a bad option either. 

And a warning here, especially for you new fantasy football players do not draft Lance McCutcheon. 

I repeat, do not draft Lance McCutcheon. 

Not to mention some other guys that I like outside the Rams world. 

Everybody is already talking about him. 

Damien Pierce, the Texan running back, the guy that did not play against the Rams in that second preseason game. 

I see him at a Top 40 running back right now. 

He's going to get over drafted, understandably. 

Why he would get over drafted because they're really ranting and raving about. 

This guy is a thrown too high for him. 

Maybe that's about where Kareem Hunt, Kenneth Walker and Raymond Ray Stevens. 

Or getting drafted. 

I might prefer Damien Pierce at this point over those guys. 

He could really pay off big time. 

I'm a little bit of a risk reward type in there. 

People get really excited about rookies all the time and then they're extremely disappointed. 

But I take a flier on Damien peers in a heartbeat. 

Over these other guys I mentioned, another guy that you could get probably extremely late in the draft is Isaiah Spiller now. 

He's kind of buried on that chargers depth chart right now, but he was a load at Texas A&M and now he has an ankle injury in camp. 

That's going to cause him to slip a little bit and take advantage of that. 

Take a shot at him in the 11th round if he's there, the Chargers are looking for someone to round out that running. 

Take the load off their number one guy and still her. 

By late here, he's going to be the guy, I think, and I think he's going to have a great NFL career, so grab him late. 

And two guys I would stay away from, I'd stay away from those Seattle Seahawk wide receivers. 

Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf, that quarterback situation there just not conducive to the either of those guys producing as expected. 

I'd only draft those guys if they slipped significantly, although I might be interested in drafting Kenneth Walker. 

I'm going to mention a couple. 

They prospect, you know, seriously. 

If everybody is talking about these guys already, maybe they're not sleepers. 

But Jerry Jeudy and Amon RA, St Brown. 

Those are two guys I really like. 

So keep an eye out for them. 

If they come up on your draft board and it's about where they should get drafted, go ahead, jump on those two. 

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

So that'll do it, my fantasy. 

Football preview for the. 

2022 season and focus on our Los Angeles Rams. 

That's going to do it for this episode. Remember, you can reach us at Rams up podcast@gmail.com. You can visit our website at ramsup.com. 

You'll find links to all of our episodes and a link to our YouTube channel, and you can also leave us a voicemail from our website. 

Don't forget to subscribe and give us a 5 star rating. 

It's really appreciated. 

And remember to keep the horns up, stay safe and have fun out there. 

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