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June 25, 2022

Top 10 Favorite Ram Plays

Greetings Ram Fans

Last year (2021) I spent 10 episodes sharing my All Time Top 10 Ram plays, plus 5 honorable mentions. Well, the 2021 season really shook up my rankings, as shared in Episode 22 of Season 2:

  1. Stafford to Kupp against Bucs as time is running out
  2. Stafford to Kupp, no look pass against Bengals in Super Bowl
  3. Hakim and Holt, opener against the Broncos after winning the SB
  4. Mike Jones, the tackle, in the SB against the Titans
  5. Warner to Bruce in super bowl
  6. Fowler with the hit, John Johnson with the INT (Saints NFC championship)
  7. Flipper for the win, Jan 7, 1990.
  8. Dec 18, 2017, Gurley rips off the run against the Seahawks before halftime, Dec 18 2017
  9. Ricky Proehls catch to get the Rams into the Super Bowl, Jan 3, 2000 
  10. Cooper Kupp, 25 yard catch against the 49ers in NFL championship game

Honorable Mentions

  1. Week 1, 2015 season, Aaron Donald stops Lynch 
  2. Darious Williams pick 6 against the Seahawks, 2020 playoffs
  3. 2018: Greg the Leg kicks the 57 yard field goal to get the Rams into the Super Bowl 
  4. 2017: Rams at Dallas Gurley to Goff 53 yard catch and run. Rams have arrived
  5. 2014, Austin to Steadman Bailey trick punt return