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Aug. 31, 2022

The Initial 53 Man Roster, with some comments

QBs: Stafford, Wolford, Perkins

  • Excited so watch Stafford with a year of McVay's offense under his belt
  • Not sold on the backups

RBS: Akers, Henderson, K. Williams, Funk

  • A healthy Akers provides a huge boost to this offense
  • Henderson is good when he's not banged up
  • Rams are high on the rookie Williams
  • Funk is more a special teams guy with a running back's number

TE: Higbee, Hopkins

  • Solid if not spectacular
  • Will they really run with two TEs?

WR: Kupp, Robinson, Jefferson, Skowronek, Atwell, McCutcheon, Powell

  • Might be the best wide receiver room in the league
  • Powell will be the primary returner

OL: Noteboom, Edwards, Allen, Shelton, Havenstein, Jackson, Anchrum, Evans

  • Young and pretty talented group

DL: Donald, Gaines, Robinson, Hoecht, Copeland, J. Williams

  • The top three form an elite unit

ILB: Jones, Wagner, Rozeboom, Hummel

  • Jones and Wagner are the perfect pairing in this defense

Edge/OLB: Floyd, Lewis, Hollins, Hardy, K. Thomas

  • Counting on Lloyd to lead the charge here
  • Lewis and Hollins have a little proving to do
  • Hardy may go on IR

CB: Ramsey, Hill, Long, Rochelle, Durant, Kendrick

  • Talented a deep group

S:  Fuller, Rapp, Scott, Burgess, Yeast

  • Solid, proven group

ST: Gay, Dixon, Orzech

  • The punter may be a step down from the best of Johnny Hekker, but probably not a drop off from what we saw last year
  • Gay and Orzech are solid.