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Dec. 31, 2022

Revisiting the 2019 Draft

How has our 2019 draft turned out. Gaines and Scott make up for the less than stellar early picks. Overall, probably earns a B- grade.

Round Pick Player Position Now…
2 61 Taylor Rapp  S Starting Safety. Has not lived up to draft position but still a decent player
3 70 Darrell Henderson  RB Waived after 3+ decent years
3 79 David Long Jr.  CB Somewhat disappointing
3 97 Bobby Evans  OT Waived after 3+ disappointing years
4 134 Greg Gaines  DT Stud DL. 2023 free agent.
5 169 David Edwards  OT Decent starter, but now sidelined with concussion concerns.
7 234 Nick Scott  S Very good safety.
7 251 Dakota Allen  LB Never made it to active roster but has had stints with a few teams