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March 19, 2023

Rams 2024 Draft Picks

This is where the Rams stand right now in next year's draft:


Their own picks

  • 1st round
  • 2nd round
  • 3rd round
  • 4th round
  • 5th round
  • 6th round
  • (7th round pick belongs to Broncos)

Picks Received From Other Teams

  • 6th round - (from Broncos)

Compensatory Picks (Predicted)

  • 6th Round (Matt Gay)
  • 6th Round (Baker Mayfield)
  • 7th Round (Greg Gaines)

Other Moves that Could Result in Additional Picks

  • Taylor Rapp or Greg Gaines signing with another team would potentially give the Rams their 4th comp pick. By the end of free agency, I would expect the Rams to have 4 comp picks.
  • Allen Robinson could get traded for a 2024 picks.