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Aug. 20, 2022

A Recap of the Los Angeles Rams - Houston Texans Preseason Game; from LA Rams Up!

A Recap of the Los Angeles Rams - Houston Texans Preseason Game; from LA Rams Up!

A Recap of the Los Angeles Rams - Houston Texans Preseason Game

A Recap of the Los Angeles Rams - Houston Texans Preseason Game


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Welcome to Rams up a Los Angeles Rams podcast. We are a proud member of the Pigskin podcast network. We cover other SoCal Sports News of interest, but we're mostly about your Los Angeles Rams. I'm your host, mark. Let's get to it. 

Welcome back Rams fans to Rams up your Los Angeles Rams podcast now, right after the Rams Texans scan, we dropped a recap on our YouTube channel coming back at you with this podcast. 

More of the same, a lot more detail, a little more time to digest what we saw. 

That will be the primary. 

Focus on this podcast. 

We also have another segment of who's pumped, who's piston, who's perplexed after this Rams Texans recap. 

We're going to. 

Come back Monday with our promised 53 Man roster tag. 

I'm going to give you my best guess at where it stands right now, and there are some tough choices coming down the pipe for less. 

Need in Sean McVay and his coaching staff, but I'm going to make a run at it as best I can so up next. 

A recap of the Rams Texans game and then. 

A little fun, who's pumped? 

Who's pyst? 

Who's perplexed segment? 

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Greetings, Ram fans. Let's provide a recap of this Texan RAM game Texans win 2420 provided a recap on the YouTube channel right after the game late Friday night. 

Let's do it again here on the podcast with a little bit more detail. 

First, let's review the six things I wanted to see in this game. 

As posted on the YouTube channel last week. 

Number one was I wanted to see Kayran Williams. 

Well didn't get to see that happen. 

We'll see him against the Bengals hopefully. 

The second thing I was hoping to see from our defense is some three and outs given up those long drives to the Chargers, not cutting it for me and we do get some three and outs in the first half. 

I believe that the defense second string defense had two, three and outs. 

Against the Texans first string offense. For the most part, so that's a good sign we had at least another in the second-half. 

The third thing I wanted to see was some improvement as far as our offensive line depth. 

And you know my. 

First, gut reaction was it was pretty sad out there for the most part, Bobby Evans, I thought played poorly. 

Logan Brass was struggling again before he got hurt. 

But you have to admit our Curry and Jackson both played well as Whitworth pointed out, so that's a good sign. 

Really want two or three solid backups. 

That's what we're hoping for here. 

We're not expecting five guys that play like a first unit. 

That's just unreasonable, so my initial reaction was. 

While we're in trouble, but we're talking about the second string here, and if you ask me, do we have a couple guys that I'm comfortable, perhaps with stepping in for a few games? 

That's in the answer is yes at this point. 

Now I don't know who the third guy is, I I think our Curry and Jackson have made a strong play for this roster. 

The other guy might be Tremaine Ankrom and maybe I'm overstating our curious chances that I'm basically getting pushed in that direction by Andrew Whitworth, who has some. 

Expertise on the subject. 

I think he clearly likes AJ or Curry. 

And then of course there's Logan brass who's going to make this roster? 

Assuming that injury isn't serious, but I do not think he's ready for primetime yet. 

The fourth thing I wanted to see was more Lance Mccutchen. 

Make sure our eyes weren't deceiving us and he had another really good game. 

It wasn't quite as dynamic as the first week, but still a guy that the Texans were probably eyeballing, and he still produced, and I think Jacob Harris actually had a pretty good game, so it was nice. 

To see him get out there I'm I'm not pulling for one guy over the other. 

I think the Rams know how to assess wide receivers. 

At this point I just want to see improvement to see these guys get their chances and you know along that receiver front, uh, Mccutchen and Harris both had good games as well as Austin Trammell. 

I thought. 

And the fifth thing I wanted to see was let's get to the quarterback. 

We had a sack by Ernest Brown in week one. 

Daniel Hardy was really getting at it early in both games. 

Now that sack, the announcers got it wrong, that sack was awarded to Kobe Durant against the Texans. 

He slipped in and tripped up mills. 

Captain by the ankle. 

However, you know, Hardy would have got the sack of Durant did it? 

He could have probably even split that, given both 1/2 sack. 

But As for Hardy, I'm not sure how much he's going to contribute this year to. 

Be honest I. 

Think he still has a good shot at making the roster? 

But he may be a one year project type guy. 

Nonetheless still feel good about him. 

And what about Anthony Hines? 

You want to get in the backfield? 

You want some tackles for loss? 

You want to disrupt things well. 

He disrupted things, but he didn't have anything really to show for it. 

And the sixth thing I wanted to see was John Wolford and kind of interesting. 

You know, I watched Wolford played that entire first half and he was going against a very strong first unit Texans defensive line. 

Our offensive line was kind of getting crushed there at some points. 

And nonetheless, I thought Woolford played really well. 14 for 22 for 142 yards. That's more yardage than Perkins through the entire last week. 

I thought he managed the game. 

I don't think he threw a single bad pass. 

I don't think he made a single bad play except for the one time where the ball slipped out of his hands. 

He was on point. 

Accurate passes really distributed the ball to a lot of different receivers. 

And yet people are hammering on him. 

We're talking about a backup quarterback, folks. 

We're not talking about, you know. 

The expectation here is we have John Elway coming off the bench and as I've said I'm not thrilled with our quarterback room as a whole after Stafford but. 

I'm not really understanding why people thinking Wolford stunk up the joint. 

I thought he played OK and I thought Bryce Perkins did too. 

Did Bryce Perkins play better than Wolford? 

I wouldn't say that. 

I think it was pretty close. 

Perkins had a couple throws. 

I think he went back. 

He obviously had some very good plays though, and he's very exciting. 

He brings something to the table that not many quarterbacks do. 

I don't want to spend a bunch of time on this because we're talking about a backup quarterback position. 

Neither of these guys are ideal backups for Matthew Stafford, but if it's a competition between these two, I'm still leaning towards Wolford. 

I think he is better suited for the McVay offense. 

Can Perkins come in and create some real problems for the defense? 

Who would the Rams go to if they're both active on a given day? 

Might depend on the situation. 

We'll see if that competition continues next week, but. 

I don't get the unhappiness with Woolfords performance. 

Don't get it. 

Overall guys that brought it in this game I. 

List a few. 

Here for all burgeson Robert Rochelle. 

Apparently they both had something to prove to their teammates in this game, as Andrew Whitworth stated it, and they both played really well. 

Burgess early in the game had several key tackles in Robert Rochelle. 

He looked like he was pumped. 

Just need to see that from him every week. 

Granting Kendrick, uh, they both played really well there are. 

They are so much fun to watch. 

I wish they had played the whole game. 

Actually now Kendrick gave up the one touchdown, but actually played that ball pretty well. 

I thought, and Johnny Williams. 

Now I don't know if a couple of plays are enough for God to make a roster, but he did everything Durant. 

Asked of him? 

I think one of the standouts along that defensive line. 

So if the Rams. 

Carry someone beyond Marquez Copeland and Michael Hoyt, who I think both have made this roster. 

I think it would be Jonah Williams at this point, and I also think Bryson Hopkins played well Hopkins looking more like an NFL receiver out of that tight end spot. 

In my opinion, this looks really comfortable, very reliable. 

He had that one drop. 

It really wasn't a drop though, 'cause the ball was tipped by the defender right before it got to him. 

I I'm liking Bryson hop. 

10S and I wanted to point out that you know, we never want to talk about the kicking game. 

David Dixon both had good games. 

One thing I was a little concerned about this is the first time we've had someone other than Johnny Hekker holding on field goals in quite some time. 

Kicking punting and holding overlooked. 

The crucial part of the game, and they looked flawless. 

Another guy I'm going to throw in here is Austin. 

Trammell, he looks like a really good receiver to me in the right offense. 

Is he like a perfect fit for the New England Patriots and what they do? 

I really enjoy watching him play. 

Don't think he's going to make the roster but Austin Trammell could be planned somewhere. 

After cuts, that's for sure. So that's my Texan Rams recap text. Since 24 Rams 20 on to Cincinnati. 

These roster battles. 

Will continue, it's going to be fun. 

Link to the preseason pretty much behind us. 

I thought it would be a good time to revisit our who's popped. 

Who's pyst? 

Who's perplexed segment? 

This is where we take a look at the fan bases across the league. 

Try to. 

Take their pulse. 

Which fanbases are pumped? 

Which ones are pist and which ones? 

Are perplexed. 

I'll start with who's pumped. 

You know the lions have to be pumped their draft. 

Pick Aidan Hutchinson. 

He looks like the real deal. 

A lot of good vibes coming out of Detroit overall in my opinion. 

I think they're going to be better than. 

People think but. 

Lions fans have to be pumped. 

I mean, it shouldn't take much for them to get pumped as bad as that franchise has been over the last. 

Decade or two, but they have to be a little pumped right now. 

And the Eagles fan base has to be pumped. 

Jalen hurts looking like the real deal. 

And you know, if I'm a Chicago Bears fan kind of put them in the same category as a lions. 

They don't have super high expectations, but they have to be a little pumped. 

Building a culture there. 

I think with that coaching staff and those players, I don't think the Bears are necessarily going to be a playoff team this year, and I think Bears fans. 

No it. 

But you have to feel a little bit better about the direction of that franchise, and I'm going to say Los Angeles Rams fans are pumped. Matthew Stafford's elbow appears to be just a minor annoyance at this point. 

And a lot of young players flashing now it's difficult for me to take the pulse of every NFL fan base, and there are probably other fan bases that are pumped for the same reasons. 

Rams fans are pumped. 

Basically, young players looking really good. 

But hey, I do know the Rams. 

I do know the Rams fan base and I think overall Rams fans are pretty pumped about this upcoming season. 

The health of their quarterback and some of these young players. 

And who's pest well, you know, if you watch that Seahawk bear preseason game, Seahawk fans have to be past the 12th man. 

What the heck? 

That was pretty pitiful performance. 

I know it's preseason but 

You know I have been singing the praises of the Seahawks while maybe singing the praises. 

This is the wrong way. 

Of putting it. 

They are my pick as far as picking over the wind. Total 5 1/2 wins for the Seahawks. 

I think they're getting to 7 or 8 at least I did. 

I'm having second thoughts, but Seahawks better show. 

Better next week. 

I don't care who's on the field. 

That was pretty bad and Jets fans have to be a. 

Little past, their young quarterback injured. 

More bummed than pyst. 

I guess that's a very optimistic fan base. 

I think taking another punch to the. 

At their quarterback, hurt and Dolphins fans have to be ****** too. 

Has looked pretty bad in camp apparently. 

That Dolphins team a lot of high hopes there from that fan base, but gotta be concerned about their quarterback, right? 

Maybe maybe that's more perplexed than pyst, but I'll keep them in the past column and who's perplexed. The Buccaneers with Tom Brady disappearing from camp for its so-called personal reasons. Their offensive line continually banged up. 

Just a lot of questions surrounding that team specifically Tom Brady. 

I took his birthday off. 

That was pretty funny. 

So if I'm a Bucs fan, still very optimistic about the season given their roster, but at the same time, what the heck is going on with Tommy? 

Is he having second thoughts about Unretiring? I don't think so, but it makes you wonder. And 49ers fans have to still be in that perplexed column. Treland 

Not playing in week two of the preseason, he's the starter. I get it, but there's just a lot of unknowns about this guy and I think 49ers fans would rather see him play. 

So it'll be the age of Discovery coming week one when Trey Lance takes the. 

Field as the 49ers star. 

So that's all I got this week. 

Not a lot of teams in these various columns who's pumped news test? 

These perplexed, that's all. 

I got for now. 

That's going to do it for this episode. Remember you can reach us at Rams up podcast@gmail.com. 

You can visit our website at ramsup.com. You'll find links to all of our episodes and a link to our YouTube channel and you can also. 

Leave us a voicemail from our website. 

Don't forget to subscribe and give us a 5 star rating. 

It's really appreciated and. 

Remember, keep the horns up today is safe and have fun out there. 

Second, music courtesy of bensound.com and the YouTube royalty free Music audio library. Crimson fly by Hama.